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About Me

My name is Tamica, and I'm a passionate, results-oriented life coach with a goal to supercharge your journey to self-discovery. Whether you're looking for a career breakthrough, personal transformation, or conquering challenges, I'm here to co-create a strategy that unleashes your true potential. With a wealth of experience in mentoring a diverse range of individuals, I've developed a space where trust, growth, and accountability flourish.

Let me introduce you to B. A. Flirt Coaching, an intriguing concept that originated in 2018 in the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Picture this: a workshop where digital nomads from every corner of the globe learned the art of flirting with life. B. A. Flirt Coaching is here to connect you to your inner flirt, using the subtle art of attraction to help you draw in what you desire.

But hold on, let's define what being a flirt means in this context:

  • It's about behaving as though attracted to or trying to attract something (all without the weight of serious outcomes).

  • It's the playful gestures and the magnetic aura that get people buzzing around you.

  • It's about making life come to you.

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  • “What can I say about Tamica, she has drastically changed my life since working with me. She challenged me to look deep within myself to get to the root of my issues. She tells me what I need to hear versus what I want to hear and it was hard at first but I’m so glad that she did it. She is the reason I have a better relationship with my father due to her lessons on communication in an effective way. We went from talking a few times a year to having weekly calls. I am still a work in progress but she has helped me come a mighty long way.” - Gerald S.

  • “My coaching conversations with Tamica have been life-changing. I have engaged in many coaching sessions with her over the years, but she has been particularly pivotal in helping me to navigate the stress of parenthood and co-parenting. She encourages me to exercise self-compassion and prioritize myself. Tamica is a kind, attentive, and non-judgmental listener. She has helped me identify growth areas in my personal life and reminded me of the power and strength in my vulnerability. Her skillful inquiry guides me to consider alternative perspectives and maintain a reflective mindset. I highly recommend anyone seeking support with gaining clarity in their lives or just having an objective listening ear schedule a consultation with Tamica.” - Tanisha H.

  • "Working with Tamica was right on time for me. She helped me get past old stories in my head, which gave me so much more confidence to move forward. Through her coaching support and exercises, she also helped me identify my own flirting style that felt natural to me. She is the biggest advocate for your growth and I appreciated her patient and friendly approach." - Tekisha H.

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